Reflexology Testimonials

I have been going to get reflexology for half a year now. It has been helping my interstitial cystitis. I enjoy the treatments. Cheryl always goes out of her way to make me comfortable and help me in whatever way she can. She cares about her clients,

Chesterfield, MI

I have extremely flat feet, which results in a great deal of pain and anxiety.  Cheryl Beshada of Clinical Care Network introduced me to Foot Reflexology.  She was very gentle and understanding of my pain and my embarrassment (my feet are very unattractive).  The treatment was very relaxing and loosened up very tense muscles. It also seemed to relieve some of the stress that I was experiencing. I would recommend reflexology as a treatment option.

Sterling Heights, MI

At the start of the first session I was skeptical, by the time it was done I was a believer.  Cheryl is “the real deal”.  She would be working on a foot and would hit a spot that caused me to flinch.  When I asked her “What’s that spot?”  It would correspond to a place on my body that was experiencing discomfort.  As she worked on it, I could feel the discomfort fade.  When the session was over, I felt great.  If you are uncomfortable with someone touching your bare feet, Cheryl can work on your feet in socks.

Trenton, MI

I met Cheryl Beshada several years ago when I was working as a volunteer at the Van Elslander Cancer Center & Cheryl provided Reflexology to chemotherapy patients. Not only is Cheryl an experienced & skillful practitioner, she has exceptional personal warmth & a healing touch. (Hard to explain a healing touch, but you will know it.) Patients felt comfortable talking to her about what they were going through; she offered emotional support & comfort in this way as well as through the reflexology treatment itself.

Patients asked for Cheryl specifically. Some even requested their chemotherapy appointments on Wednesday, as that was the day that she was able to provide reflexology.  COVID  put an end (temporarily, we hope) to her work at the Cancer Center, but I know Cheryl’s dedication to providing comfort to others continues, as strong as ever.

Grosse Pointe, MI

Cheryl does a fantastic job and helped me so much when I was on chemo. With her expertise she took the swelling down in my feet and ankles, and made it so much more comfortable putting shoes on and walking. I would recommend Cheryl highly not only for her professional abilities, but her caring and kind personality makes the wonderful experience even better!

St. Clair Shores, MI

This is to thank you so much for using your expertise to give me the wonderful experience of reflexology.  I never had this healing procedure before, and I loved it.  I felt a huge release of tension throughout my body.  It also gave me an afterglow, like an all over feeling of well-being.  It’s so important with the current problems, to have a sure cure for the tension and discomfort many of us are feeling.  You provided that for me.  I hope you can continue using your skills to help many others.

Thanks again.

Troy,MI/Naples, FL

Cheryl does a great job and makes your feet feel wonderful when she’s all done!  You can’t wait for the next time to visit her.

St. Clair Shores, MI